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What all Common small Businesses mistakes are?

A website is a marketing or branding tool that is frequently by customers to buy your product or services. If your website is designed incorrectly, there is a possibility that it will erode your online reputation and could end up losing thousands of dollars for you. Ativa, is the best wordpress website designer

Small businesses must be extra cautious while building their online presence. A highly competitive environment leaves little scope for businesses when building landing pages for their online store or their company’s website. Moreover, the risks are pretty high for small businesses if the budget or their reputation is at stake.

Mistakes To Avoid While Designing The Website

While designing the website for your business, you can avoid the following mistakes:

a) Too much graphics and content

 While planning your website marketing strategy, just remember that too much graphics and content can be overwhelming for both your potential and existing customers. Graphics engage the readers and make them livelier, but overuse of them can be distracting and boring. However, excessive use of graphics or content on your webpage will confuse your readers and frustrate them.

The use of 2-3 complementary colors in smaller areas can evoke the interest of readers. It is considered a basic design in several fields and doesn’t make the page boring. But going over that can make it difficult for the human eye to process it correctly. Readers start losing interest in the webpage if they see too many video clips in the webpage. The entire purpose of promoting a product or service gets defeated by having too many objects and moving sounds on the screen.

Excess use of content on the webpage can make readers unfocused. Vast blocks of text without the use of bullets or subheadings can cause information overload and distract the readers. The subheading must convey the summary of the section. Breaking the long paragraphs into smaller ones can keep the readers glued to the content.

   b) Contact info not easily accessible

One of the common mistakes often made by web developers while building a new website for their clients is inaccessible contact info on the webpage. This is the most important thing required by customers when they have made up their minds to buy your product or services. If contact info is not easily available on your webpage, online visitors are likely to get frustrated and switch to another website. Hence, make sure that contact info should be at the bottom of every page or just a click away.

c) Long text paragraphs

An extra-long content for which you have to scroll several times can make your readers lose interest in the content. Similarly, excess use of keywords in your only increases the risks of spamming. Make sure that the texts on your webpage are easy to read. Content should be written primarily for the readers and not to impress the search engines.

It is advisable to give space between the paragraphs to allow the viewers to read. You can highlight the text which you feel is important with the bold fold. So that the visitors can go through the important points easily.

    d) Misleading Information

A website button is either connected to a link or to any page in the website or externally. When your site’s button is not working correctly, it can direct the users to the wrong page or to a page that doesn’t exist or no page at all. This not only wastes the potential time of your customers but also leads to confusion and frustration. Whatever may be the reason for this – either sizing issues or incorrect button position – it can cause issues for the user. Some of the negative consequences of it include increased bounce rate, loss of sales and signs up and low company opinion. Hence, it is advisable to have a website with a good navigation structure.

    e) No SSL, No Reliability

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) offers security to the data that is transferred between the server and the web browser. It encrypts the link between them and ensures that all data exchanged between them remains confidential and free from attack. SSL builds a protective environment for both site owners and visitors and protects your website from different forms of threats such as data breaches and phishing scams. Your online customers and visitors are at a greater risk of having their data stolen without SSL.

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A website with a perfect navigation feature ranks high on search engines and drives more online traffic. Our web experts will design a fast-loading website for your business that will be compatible with all digital devices. Our industry-trained web development experts at Ativa, WordPress website Development Company in Florida keep themselves updated with the frequent algorithm updates of search engines and will design a website for improved rank and visibility. So what are you waiting for? Just connect with our experts to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website for your business.

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